Seed Testing Innovator of the Year
The Seed Testing Innovator of the Year Award is a prestigious recognition that is given to someone who has demonstrated an ability to innovate in the field of seed analysis in Canada. The award is sponsored by Seed World Canada, and honours someone working in the seed testing/seed analysis field who has:
  • Contributed to the development and improvement of seed testing methods, standards, and practices;
  • Promoted the value and importance of seed testing to the seed industry and the public.
The award is open to anyone who works in a seed testing laboratory in Canada, whether public or private. They do not have to be an accredited seed analyst. The award recipient is selected by the Seed World Canada editorial board.
It provides an opportunity for the recipient to share their expertise and experience with the seed industry through an article in Seed World Canada’s September print edition and online. 

Nomination Deadline: July 1, 2024.

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